uniformgermany - fashion that tells a story.


A young  clothing brand from Berlin, which takes over styles of the past and tells one the history in this way. The brand focuses on Germany, a country which (in international comparison) still doesn’t have a representation in the fashion-industry, although there exists a large crowd of enthusiasts.


For the designer and founder of "Uniformgermany", Michael Zimmermann, it was time to do something to counteract.


Because Germany doesn’t really have it’s own unmistakable fashion-style, "Uniform" is not attempting to represent today, but rather show something of the German history, especially the youth of the past. 

"The youth was and still is giving impulses, is defiant and decerning. It gives us on idea of the future"

Because he is a part of the youth scene, he gives us a refreshingly new and authentic view on this topic, which is often picked-up by well known designers in the fashion scene.


His first collection deals with the seperated Germany of the 70s. Politics had much more impact on everybody than today, including young people. It was way more present, and the impact of it was tangible, which is evident in the collection.


The idea of it was to make people remember in a new way and to let the german youth tell their own story. Shown is the sameness, the adjustment to lost individuality, but at the same time the opposite: The person that thinks different, the person that stands up, is rebellious and dynamic. It is the designers job to maintain the authenticity. That is the reason why a lot of the design is taken over from the past, and so unconventionally offers inovations from which the basis is the past. 

"I’m sitting on a mountain of inspiration and ideas. What is yet to be seen is only scratching the surface" 

The goal is to make history visible. Not what is seen publicly, but what is behind it- the feeling.


Growing up in a small town, the only way to get fashion inspiration was over the internet. Due to this constrainment he has learned to see something in the smallest details. For him, the streets couldn’t be a permanent soruce of inspiration, so in time a sense of dissatisfaction about the current fashion scene developed.


The fact that the success of a brand was mainly depending on icons and there was less and less of a story or originality involved, triggered in him the desire to create something on his own.


Clothing should not just be given the face of a person, but rather the face of an era of a nation. That is uniformgermany.

written from Kiara Francke


fashion / photography

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tübingen / germany

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